Regression Coaching

Regression And Beyond

What is Regression Coaching?

It’s important to state that the regression practiced is not based on hypnotic therapy, but on hypnotic trance induction. Deep trance induction focuses on the parasympathetic system. A natural phenomenon and state of mind between being fully awake and alert and deep sleep.

Go as far as you can see. When you get there, you’ll be able to see further.

Did you ever experience situations where you were driving from A to B and experienced a brief moment where you did not know how you got there? Or when you were daydreaming? When going into a deep trance induction we consciously choose to go into that semiconscious state that prevents us from responding to external stimuli.

Why do we use Trance Induction?

Sigmund Freud, but also Carl Jung talked about the tip of the iceberg. The tip that sticks out above sea level, can be seen as our conscious thinking mind. That part of our mind is the thinking part that identifies and processes information through the senses: what we see, hear, smell, feel or taste. It observes non-stop and categorizes everything that happens around you. The part under water is our unconscious.

Trance induction is used to bypass our conscious mind , our “gatekeeper” or ego, to reach all that is being protected in our unconscious.

What is the effect of Trance Induction

Bypassing the gatekeeper of our unconscious mind, makes it possible to reach all the unknown conditioning we have. It makes it possible to work with our emotional and physical body, without the interfering of our ego. Fears, limiting beliefs, shame and many other patterns and trauma’s can be dissolved using this method.

How can I help?

  • Do you feel stuck and want to be free of …
    Emotional and physical distress like anxieties, phobias, trauma’s, anger or quilt?
  • Barriers in your relationship caused by past experiences to connect on a deeper level?
  • Limiting beliefs to take your next step in life?

I can help you to …

  • Dissolve your emotional and physical distress.
  • Release blockades to let energy flow again.
  • Increase and deepen the connection with your loved ones.
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