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What does a transformational Coach do?
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What does a transformational coach do

Bruno Sabino

What does a transformational coach do? 

As a transformational coach I help people who try to find their authentic self amidst the day to day rush of life. Finding your centre on the physical (body), emotional (feelings), mental (thoughts) and spiritual (passion) level.

In our daily life we often rush ourselves throughout the day and have no time to reflect on our long term and daily needs in business, relationships and personal life. Stress, frustration, fatigue and unclarity about our goals in life occur when we lose focus of our authentic self and where we stand.

I will help you when you feel stuck in becoming unstuck. Together we will find the true purpose of your authentic self and define those things that give you energy.  Getting clarity and focus about where you are and where you want to be. 

What methods do I use as a transformation coach?

In my coaching session I mainly use regression to bypass the ego and to deep dive into the unconscious mind.

All that I am desperate to become
Through healing and awareness
Can be found within

Bruno Lourenço Sabino




EFT (Emotional freedom technique) is a quick and effective method to solve issues on an emotional, physical, mental and energetic level. 

Anxieties and certain types of trauma can benefit and even be solved by EFT.


Regression coaching

Regression coaching is done in a state of trance (deep relaxation, no hypnosis). The way we often are triggered and behaving in life are caused by situation of trauma often caused in early childhood.

Using regression by trance induction we can go back to these early moments in life, birth, our experiences in the womb or even past lives. 

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Are you stuck in life and want to become unstuck? Do you identify situations where you need help on the physical (body), emotional (feelings), mental (thoughts) and spiritual (passion) level? Do you want to experience what a transformational coach does and do you want to experience my approach?

Let’s connect and walk this amazing journey together!


Ready to start?

Contact me and we start from there

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

The start of your journey
In our first session we identify your need for coaching, and clarify your personal situation (past and present).

In this session we also identify the best method to start your journey together.
Follow up sessions & Commitment
Only with your commitment and motivation progression can be made. It's a journey that requires an effort from us both.

The follow up sessions will be used to continue on your self development and the next steps.
Transformation Completed
Your journey is completed, when the transformation has taken place, tested and made sustainable to maintain through life.

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What People say




“During the regression session of my inner child I experienced how I could view the situation I was in from a distance and I was able to form a little more compassion for the people involved, and also for myself. I have forgiven them, and for the first time in my life I also feel less heavy emotions when thinking about these people. I’m not quite there yet, but this session has certainly been able to reduce some ballast.”




“For ages that my partner and I are trying to get pregnant and the insight I have gained has helped a lot.

Through the regression session I have become more aware to love myself more and also to show flexibility on the days that things are not going well.

The process of getting pregnant is still going on but with the insight Bruno has given me, I am closer to myself.”




“Bruno recently gave me a coaching session that exceeded my expectations. I am still digesting what happened as I feel much lighter, calmer and at peace. His session was very gently conducted, yet he gave me clear guidelines and knew how to guide me firmly when I got stuck. I felt treated without judgment and I was able to reach a part of me that I can hardly access easily and which I have been able to embrace, giving it space, listening to it and accepting it with humility.

Everything was flowing beyond what I can yet explain. I have the feeling that I have taken a very relevant personal step for me, in which I was very blocked and which has been causing me a lot of suffering. 

It has definitely been a very positive experience for me that I would repeat more times. Bruno deserves my highest recommendation as a professional and as a human being.”




“Bruno has a pleasant, calm voice and appearance with which he radiates peace and confidence. He asks well on my issues. this is nice to get more insight into it. The ensuing meditation was nice and relaxed.

During the trans I had a lot of insights. it was so special. I was so easily guided from one moment to the next. very nice. Bruno had a lot of peace.

So nice when such big issues are discussed in 1 session.  Thank you Bruno. “


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