The root of suffering is attachment

“Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence” – Tom Allen

Transforming Energetic Ties

Transforming Energetic Ties

From childhood you start the creation of energetic ties with your mother, father, brother(s), sister(s) and even with ancestors. When growing up you meet new people, start romantic relationships or you build relationships with friends, colleagues and employers. The relationships you build along the way can be described as energetic ties.

Why do we have energetic ties?

Energetic ties are created to transfer positive energy between two people. Positive energy feeding your authentic self. But what happens when you enter a negative or toxic relationship? When having a fight, being manipulated, jealousy or when you are being intimidated, your energetic ties will deplete you from energy. This causes lack of energy which in the end has a negative impact on the physical (body), emotional (feelings), mental (thoughts) and spiritual (passion) level. Symptoms of fatigue, depression and physical or mental may occur.

What is the effect on Transforming Energetic Ties?

When your own energy is depleted because of your energetic ties, you often tend to be in a lower frequency. This state makes it often more difficult to think positively and therefor resulting in self sabotage.

Transforming Energetic Ties is in other words a way to dissolve or transform the connection between yourself and a person or group of people. The effect of Transforming Energetic Ties creates space for new connections and raises the frequency we are in. As a result you tend to have more positive thoughts and from that mindset you act/manifest that what we truly need.

How can I help?

Do you want your energy to flow again and do you encounter that …

  • (Romantic) Relationships do not flow as they should?
  • Are you triggered easily?
  • Do you want to let go of past (Romantic) relationships?
  • You are grieving and want to create more space between you and your loved one?

I can help you to dissolve or transform existing energetic ties, so that …

  • Energetic ties can be renewed and energy can flow again
  • Triggers can be decreased and space between you and the other is created
  • Closure can happen with past (Romantic) relationships
  • Increase and deepen the connection with your loved ones.

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